# Developer GUide

# Creating a new bigdroid project

If you want to create a new bigdroid project you can run the following:

bigdroid new --image="local-path-or-web-url (optional)" codename

# Working with hooks development

All hooks must and will reside under ~/.bigdroid/registry.

If you want to create a new hook then use this template repository

As most standard bigdroid projects witll pinpoint hooks to a specific commit and branch in their Bigdroid.meta, so during hooks development related with such a project will conflict with your local changes. In order to ease your work and so that you don't have to constantly keep updating Bigdroid.meta for bumping a hook's commit hash you can use the --dev flag during build. More specifically this:

bigdroid build --release --dev --hooks-only

Once you are done with a particular hook, you can just grab the commit hash you want to use and put in your Bigdroid.meta

For example:

git rev-parse --short HEAD

This will give you the HEAD short commit hash for the hook repo.