# Installation and Updating

So here we gonna learn ways of installing GearLock in your desired android-x86 system. There are several ways of doing so, you just need to pay some attention and read everything properly to avoid errors.

# Get the latest GearLock installer binary

Simply head over to this link and click on Download button.

# Place the binary anywhere inside android filesystem

In this guide we will copy gearlock installer-binary to either Main Storage or Internal Storage or /sdcard from a file manager.

I'm using FX File Explorer for moving gearlock installer-binary to Main Storage (aka the Internal Storage) from my Downloads folder.

# Switch to command terminal / console

Now press either Alt + F1 or fn + Alt + F1 for switching to a command terminal.

If the buttons are not working as suggested above then install Termoneplus terminal emulator and open it.

# Run the installer binary

Once you're in a black terminal prompt, type in the following and press Enter key after each line.

cp /sdcard/gearlock /data
cd /data
chmod 777 gearlock

# Select your operating-system partition in the installer

So, at this stage you should have the installer-binary running. I have my android-x86 operating system installed inside the 7th partition called Android. Enter the partition number of your android-x86 installation.

# Installation complete

Congrats, you have successfully installed GearLock. Now you should check the next pages in this chapter to learn about the amazing things you can do with it :)

# Updating

You will get notified in GearLock when there is a new update available.

You will be able to update directly from GearLock > metro > more > Updater

You can also follow the same instructions of Installing GearLock as described in the beginning of this page to perform a update over an existing version and the old version will be overwritten.

# Video guides

I seriously don't prefer to follow video guides, only mentioning them here just if they are any useful to you...

# Troubleshooting