# Allow Apps Run in the Background

By default android battery saving patterns reduce the background activities of running apps unless they are explicitly excluded in framework level or via android-settings battery-optimization panel if in favor.

Here I will show some possible methods to keep background apps alive. Please note that this is specific to the android-x86 platform.

# On Android-x86

  • Open Settings app from your app menu.
  • Find the option which says Battery.
  • Look for a button called Battery Optimization. This can be found in different forms, such as:
    • Clicking on the top right toggle with three-dots.
    • Checking the Advanced Settings (Mostly in Android-Pie{9}+)
  • Once you are in the Battery Optimization page, select Not Optimized from the top-menu.
  • Later you can select any app to disable battery-optimization for it and it should stay alive in the background afterwords.

# On BlissOS-x86

Same instructions as Android-x86

# On PhoenixOS-x86

  • Open Security app from your app-menu.
  • Select Autostart menu.
  • Toggle on any app you wish to keep alive in the background.